Books! Books! Books!

Not only do I love writing books, I love reading them as well! I thought I would make a section on my website where I talk about books I've read or am reading! Be sure to check back here often to see what I'm reading or have read!  

Current Read

I'm a huge fan of historical romance novels. I recently was told about an author, Maddison Michaels. I am on the second book of her Saints & Scoundrels series. I finished The Devilsh Duke (book one) the other day and I loved it! There is a bit of mystery and it really kept me on my toes and I was totally got off guard by the "who done it!". 

 I'm now on The Elusive Earl, which is book two. If you like a historical that is full of adventure and treasure and a sweet romance, this is the book for you! I'm excited to start the third book in the series! 

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