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2017/2018 Kelly Elliott

Cowboys and Angels

PLEASE NOTE - this is family saga series and it is best to read them in order!

Lost Love

Book 1

Moving back home to my parents’ cattle ranch in Texas was the last thing I thought I’d be doing.


But, here I stand … in front of my high school girlfriend. A beautiful, confident woman has replaced the young girl I once knew and loved. Hell. I’m still in love with her.


Yep. Paxton Monroe was my first love and the one girl in town who now hated my guts. So much so, Paxton swore her revenge on me if it took her until the day she died.  The last words she spoke to me were a vow to cut my dick off and shove it down my throat.


The fight between my heart, my head, and last, but certainly not least, my dick starts tonight. Because all I can think about is how I want to be buried so deep inside Paxton she won’t remember how I broke her heart, or how I left her when she needed me the most.


But who will win? My heart is too broken to listen to my head. And my dick, yeah it’s not listening to anything or anyone. Not until it gets what it wants and what it wants is Paxton Monroe.


Lost Love is book one in the Cowboys and Angels Series. 

Amazon US ➙ https://goo.gl/RnNMK6

Amazon US Paperback ➙ http://amzn.to/2qGgpzO

Amazon UK ➙ https://goo.gl/5vtzYW

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Audiobook ➙ https://goo.gl/WLtsy8

Love Profound

Book 2

I write about love, but I’ve never experienced it. Sure, I’ve been with guys that I cared about. Even thought I found ‘the one’. He turned out to be the frog and not the prince.


A few Frank Sinatra songs and a wildly handsome cowboy who calls me Darlin’, will have me second guessing everything I ever thought I knew about love.


Does happily ever after really exist…or is it only something I write about in books?


Love Profound is book two in the Cowboys and Angels series.

Tempting Love

Book 3

Can a woman actually make you feel like you’re losing your damn mind?




If she is Corina Miller.


The only woman who has ever made me long for something more, and let me tell you, that has me all kinds of messed up. After months of ignoring my feelings, it’s clear to me I’ve fallen for those piercing blue eyes and sexy smile.


But is it too late?


Have I pushed her into the arms of someone else?


Hell no am I letting that happen.


I’m on a mission to win the heart of the only woman I’ve ever cared about—and the only thing standing in my way is one stubborn and pissed off Corina.


I always did like a challenge.

Amazon ➙ http://amzn.to/2yefzdg

Amazon CA ➙ https://goo.gl/6C6cS5

Amazon UK ➙ https://goo.gl/YQTm23

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Audiobook ➙ https://goo.gl/VJBPht

Love Again

Book 4

Jonathon Turner is going to be the death of me.


Maybe not the death of me…but my panties for sure! They seem to disintegrate the moment he touches me. Looks at me. Smiles at me. Talks to me.


It’s more than physical. He’s breaking through an impenetrable wall.


There’s a problem though—he’s younger than me.


Six. Years. Younger.


Let’s not forget he’s also one of my brother’s best friends.


Oh, the other problem I forgot to mention…


I never wanted to fall in love again.


But you know what they say….never say never.

BookBub ➙ https://goo.gl/DwqHd7

Amazon ➙ https://goo.gl/sj4sfy

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Blind Love

Book 5

Harley and I had our whole lives planned out, until her plans changed, and those plans didn’t include me.


After years spent trying to get the love of my life out of my head and repair my too-damaged heart, I thought I was finally moving on…but life sure has a funny way of letting you know when those best-laid plans are about to be turned upside down.


My entire world was rocked when Harley unexpectedly moved back to Oak Springs. Every miserable moment I’d spent trying to get over her and every hour I’d wasted trying to erase her from my life came back to haunt me the minute she walked into my office, fear in her eyes, and asked me for help.  Would I…or better yet, could I walk away from her this time after all that she had put me through?


What I really needed to know is would I be able to forge ahead with the future I had so meticulously planned—one that didn’t include Harley—or will her return finally open my eyes to a future full of endless possibilities?

Amazon ➙ https://goo.gl/iwVo9C

Amazon Paperback ➙ https://goo.gl/1i9Tfo

Amazon UK ➙ https://goo.gl/WZmeXK

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This Love

Book 6

I was a self-appointed bachelor and happy to have the title. Everyone thought it was time for me to settle down and find a nice girl. Well, no thank you. This cowboy wanted to stay clear of relationships. I wanted the freedom that came with no strings.


But what did I know? Nothing apparently.


Everything changed when I looked into her green eyes; my world tilted when she smiled at me.


What was this feeling?


Whatever was happening had me losing my damn mind. I fumbled with my words. My body wasn’t my own. I wanted her … desperately.


Was I ready to give up my bachelor days, or was this Irish girl simply an itch I needed scratched? 


Amazon https: ➙ //goo.gl/zHQ7ZU

Paperback https: ➙ //goo.gl/LhDWw8

Amazon UK https: ➙ //goo.gl/UoMEvN

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Reckless Love

Book 7

The first time I kissed Scarlet, I knew I was in trouble.

The night I slept with her, my life changed forever.

The day I found out I was going to be a father, I ran from her. 


Now that I’ve been given a second chance I won’t be so reckless.


Will my love be enough to prove to her that even in the darkest times I won’t repeat the past? 

Amazon ➙ https://goo.gl/bWyNgx

Amazon Paperback ➙ https://goo.gl/LXh5oz

Amazon UK ➙ https://goo.gl/7NdnRK

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