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2017/2018 Kelly Elliott

Extra's and Sneak Peeks!

This Love (Cowboys and Angels book 6) excerpt

“Maebh, spell your name!” Corina called out.

With a roll of her eyes, Maebh glared at Corina. “Why do you insist on having me spell me name all the time.”

I couldn’t help but smile. Damn that accent of hers. Because being beautiful wasn’t enough, she had to add adorable on top of it. And innocent. Let’s not forget the bomb Harley had dropped on me about Maebh being a virgin.

My eyes moved over her body, or what part of it I could see since she was sitting.

“M. A. E. B. Hache.”

“No, it’s H!” Waylynn chuckled.

Staring at Waylynn liked she’d lost her mind, Maebh teased her right back. “That’s what I said, hache.”

Jesus, I wanted her more than I’d ever wanted another woman in my entire life. The fact that she was a virgin and deserved someone who wasn’t a whoring prick wasn’t lost on me, but I didn’t care. I was a greedy bastard.

Maebh smiled even bigger and turned her head. When our eyes met, her cheeks turned even pinker, and she glanced down to her plate.

“How’s the restaurant doing, Maebh?” my father asked.

“It’s amazing. We’ve had a steady crowd since opening night and have received some lovely reviews. The Austin American Statesman even gave us flying colors!”

The way she beamed made me sit up a little straighter. I was proud of her and amazed at the same time. I wanted to ask her why she’d picked America to open up an Irish restaurant and bar, and not Ireland.

“Your father owns a distillery in Ireland?” my father asked Maebh.

She nodded. “Yes, one of the biggest ones. He doesn’t plan on staying in America full time. He loves Ireland too much.”

“And you?” Mom asked, her brows hiked up almost to the middle of her forehead.

Maebh smiled gently. “I love it here. I love Ireland, too, but here I feel close to me ma, and I’ve fallen in love.”

When she left her sentence dangling like that, the whole damn table leaned in and silently urged her to finish the sentence. Fallen in love with…

My heart was pounding as heat crept up my neck.

Who in the fuck had she fallen in love with? Jackson? The damn chef who was always hitting on her?

“You’ve fallen in love?” my mother asked, a tinge of hope in her voice.

“Oh! No, I mean, I’ve fallen in love…with Texas.”

With a disappointed, “Oh,” my mother dropped back in her chair.

“It’s beautiful in the Texas hill country, isn’t it?” Harley said.

Maebh nodded.

“Cord, you should take Maebh out on your motorcycle sometime and show her just how beautiful it is here.” My mother stated.

My eyes snapped over to my mother. “Huh?”

“Wouldn’t you love to do that, Maebh?”

“Mom,” Steed said in a soft voice like he was gently trying to remind our mother to keep her nose out of everyone’s business.

“Well, um, I’ve never been on a motorcycle before so I’m not sure I would enjoy it.”

My mother grinned an evil smile. “Cord would make sure you were safe. Wouldn’t you, sweetheart?”

Furrowing my brows, I glared at her. “What?”

“Sweet baby Jesus in heaven,” Waylynn sighed. “Mom, not now.”

“I think it would be fun. You should hurry and eat. Then take her for a ride.”

I nearly choked on my own spit as Trevor lost it laughing, and Maebh glanced down at her hands that were now in her lap.

“What?” I cried out.

Looking at me like I was ruining her grand plan, my mother shook her head. “Why do you keep saying what?”

“Why do you keep talking?” I asked as my father let out a chuckle that earned him a dirty look from my mother.

Copyright 2018 Kelly Elliott THIS LOVE