Brain Storming Session

If I said I was always on top of my writing schedule it would be a big ole fat lie. I have good intentions. I honestly do. But oh how life gets in the way. The last few days I have managed to write about 8700 words and that's not bad considering two days I didn't write at all...maybe an hour at the most.

Yesterday was a brain storming session with my BFF Kristin. I told her I wanted to revamp some things and we spent the day of it! It was fun just talking over ideas with her. I did keep telling her, "Okay, I have to go write. I need to stop and go write." I don't know how many times I said it! LOL! I did manage to write though and get some serious ideas down on paper as well as send out ARCs for DIVIDED INTERESTS and I packed up about 11 website orders. A good productive day, even if I didn't write most of the day.

I'm sure some people are reading this and thinking why don't I have a PA. To put it simply, I like having control. I like knowing what is happening at all times. So if something falls through the cracks it's on me. And honestly, I feel like I'm better in touch with things. A lot of people have social media folks and as lovely as that sounds, I enjoy interacting with my readers. Even if it is just to post a teaser. I like to see what y'all say and post. Are you excited? Who shared the post? It's fun to feel the energy when something exciting is happening. I fully understand that if I did have a PA so much more of my time would be used for writing. But I like for my readers to know that the box they get the mail with all the goodies was hand picked and packed by little ole me. There is something special about that connection. Will it always be like this? I like to think so...but I don't know. For now it is and I like it this way.

As for if I'm behind or ahead on this book...the writer in me will tell you "Oh my GAWD I'm so freaking far behind!" The mom, wife, sister, and friend will say, "I'm doing just fine. It will get written. Look at all I've done just in the first two weeks of the year!!!" LOL SO it really depends on what hat I'm wearing that moment.

As for was a scheduled writing day. LOL I'm giggling as I write this. Here was my day.

*Darrin called me and said he hit a raccoon and was coming back home as something was messed up on his car. He leaves super early in the morning so I got up and started my day.

*Did some mindfulness stuff before I left the bedroom cause once I walk out the door the animals all want their breakfast.

*Gave breakfast to all the animals and then myself.

*Spent some time with my prayer journal.

*Did physical therapy exercises while Gus and Milo attempted to help me.

*Went to my WW weekly meeting. (Lost half a pound!)

*Went to Target to buy items for the February boxes.

*Stopped by my sisters house, talked her into going to another Target with me to buy more items (Since I bought them all at the last Target) and then had lunch with my sister. It was so nice to just hang out with her! I really enjoyed my afternoon.

*Got home, ran into neighbors who wanted me to come see their house since they finished building it. OMG it was beautiful and I totally want to remodel my house now! LOL!

*Finally got home, talked to a friend on the phone for a bit.

*Printed out new website orders and put items away I bought for the boxes.

*Ate a quick dinner at my desk where Milo and Gus attempted to help me out again...they are so thoughtful.

*Logged onto Facebook...uploaded a free book for my reading group and answered a few messages.

*Said hi to the hubby who just got home from work (it's 9pm).

*Blog post then computer is going off.

That was my scheduled writing day....where zero writing was done!



PS....Poor Binx looks so chubby in that picture! She is an angel! I just love her!

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