Catching Up!

It's been five days since my last blog post! In those five days I've gone to the post office three times! LOL! It's not just a friendly little hop, skip, and jump into town. It takes about 25 minutes for me to get to the closest post office. I had a sale on my website and had a ton of orders to fill since a much needed restock of books finally came in. Needless to say the post office hates me with all the boxes I brought to them this past week.

During those five days I didn't get much writing in. Honestly, I don't think I even wrote 10,000 words. But I did get a few other administrative things taken care of and plotted out two books for this upcoming year and redesigned the boxes I sell on my website. All in all it was a productive five days...just not so much in writing. I have been sticking with my healthy eating. I try to do my Calm app every morning and do my PT exercises (which doesn't always happen). I also true to get some time in with the prayer journal Lauren gave starts the day off on such a positive note. I will admit I was kicking butt with it early on but the last few days I've found myself getting into the habit of going to my computer first....putting a stop that again! I've also made it a habit to have a healthy snack on my desk (trying to use up the Christmas plates!) and tea when I'm feeling like I need a snack. Water is always on hand....and I especially love it the cups that were designed for my reader group on Facebook! They are so cute even if I do say so myself! I didn't design them...the amazing Elaine York did!

Okay enough of all of that.

Let me catch you up now on GOOD ENOUGH. I'm currently at 39,740 words. I'm loving the story very much and it took a turn I didn't see coming! As you know with the #FollowMyJourney, this is the third book in the Meet Me in Montana series. It hasn't been picked up yet by the publisher. Yesterday I spoke with my agent and it turns out I do not have to send her the completed book, just what I've written so far and then a synopsis for the rest of the book. I will tell you I let out a groan when I saw that. I hate...let me stress this...I HATE writing a synopsis for a book. Why you ask? Let me explain.....

I'm very a pantser writing. I do not do outlines for my books or summarize each chapter out before I write. I usually start with a 4-6 sentence idea that I have either in my phone, jotted down on a piece of paper or in a notebook. While the books pretty much stay true to where I see it, a lot changes as well. So for me to write a synopsis of the entire book...well...I do not like to do it because I know as I write things will change.

So what am I going to do? I'll write a brief synopsis of where I think the story will go, and how it will end. I won't give very much of the in-between, because honestly I don't know where my hands will take me. Fingers crossed on all of it!

I'm due to give what I've written to my agent beginning to middle of next week. So starting yesterday afternoon I finished writing chapter fifteen and I started to go back through and give it a quick read through. Then I'll attempt to write the synopsis and send to my agent next week. This is were the nerves kick in. I hate this part. It's nerve-racking to say the least. No on really wants to hear that something that put their heart and soul into is not wanted. BUT it is a part of this world. I've been told before...a number of times. I just dust myself off and move on.

So...the next few days I'm going to be working on reading through this manuscript, then getting everything off to my agent. I am glad I do not have to deliver the full book. I really need to work out the rest of my release schedule this year. Do think they will release it this year if they do pick it clue. Traditional publishers have a much more lengthy process when it comes to releasing a book verses when I self publish one. My editing process is about the same amount of time...maybe there's is a bit longer. Anywho...that is where we are on GOOD ENOUGH!

Fingers crossed y'all....



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