Day Five - The Word

This time of year you hear a lot of people talk about what their "word" for the next year is going to be. I didn't really bother much last year to do a word...this year is different.

Since the holidays I haven't focused much on you can see by the blog posts. The focus was on my family. On Lauren who flew in for the holiday from college. She left yesterday and it still feels like a part of me is missing. I had a massive headache hit me as I walked out of the airport from trying to keep my emotions in check. I'm getting better at not crying every time she leaves, but it is still very emotional and it swear it takes a good bit of energy out of me.

The last few days though I have really thought about 2020 and what it is going to bring for me this year. What was going to be my word this year? What was I going to focus on?

Then it hit word for 2020 was simply FOCUS. On what you may ask?

1.Focus on my health is number one. Not only my physical health, but my mental as well. I've really gotten into mindfulness and one thing I want to do each morning is take a few minutes to start my day with a clear mind and an easy calm.

2. Focus on my family. Setting aside time to truly focus on just being with them. I don't always feel like I'm "with them", even when I'm with them. The phone is getting put up, my attention is going to be focused on them, what they are saying and doing. Life is flying by so fast and I realized if I don't stop and enjoy it I will be filled with regrets as I get older.

3. Focus on my spiritual health. Lauren bought me a new bible and a prayer journal for Christmas. Her and I had a talk before Christmas and we both talked about how we had let that part of our world slip and how we were both feeling "off" from it. I honestly can't wait to start on the journal. It is adorable. I'll share more of it in another blog post, but for me I need to have God back in control and stop talking to him simply when I need something. In other words, I need to get my Jesus on in a big way!

4. Focus on pleasure reading more! I miss just sitting down and reading a book for pleasure. I didn't do it nearly enough in the past four years or so and this year my goal is to read/listen (I adore audiobooks y'all) to at least one book a week. That's not nearly what I used to read in the past, but something I'm comfortable making as my goal. If I read more than more power to me! I've read a lot over the last week and it's felt amazing.

5. Focus on my writing. What 2020 is going to bring for me in my professional life. I need to focus more on getting organized. Spending less time on social media and more time writing. Taking one day off a week from social media. That day is Sunday. That is my true day of rest. I simply want one day to just be...and with years past I'm pretty much working 7 days a week at all hours. Not this coming year. I plan on making everything a bit more organized. I need to realize that I'm doing this all on my own and I need to set boundaries. A girl can only do what a girl can do!

6. Focus on my goals. This year I bought a journal and I pretty much wrote down all the goals listed above. I plan to focus on sticking to those goals, and really striving to be more balanced in 2020. By the way, BALANCE was a word I almost picked. It was between balance and focus, but I decided focus was the stronger word. If I didn't have focus, I wouldn't be able to balance all the things I want to do in the coming year.

I'm sure as the next few days go by I'll add more to my goals. I have a few I didn't mention above, like exercise goals, personal goals, etc. But to achieve all of this I need to focus.

So focus is my word for 2020. What is your word for 2020? Have you come up with it yet? If you haven't, take a few moments alone to really think about the year coming up. Close your eyes and try to picture all the things you want to achieve in the upcoming year. They don't have to be big ticket things...something simple to start with. Then take it from there! If you've already got your word...share it below in the comments!

So here is to focusing y'all. Let's do this!



PS. If you're in my reader group on Facebook I'm going to be taking y'all on a little journey with me today!

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