Day One Is A Wrap

The first day of writing is usually, for me anyway, trying to figure out how to get the story going. I remember one of my professors telling me that if you didn't catch the readers within the first few sentences you were finished before you even started. So for me, that hook line...or sentences if you will...are so important. I want the reader to read the first few paragraphs and instantly think, I've got to keep reading this! Am I successful at doing that? I sure as heck hope so, but who knows! LOL!

Yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning my office. I can't work if my office is a mess and y'all it was a mess. Really I can't focus on writing if my house is a mess. Currently my bedroom looks like someone set a wild animal free in there. That mess is on todays list of things to do. Anywho, I spent a good chunk of yesterday just cleaning up my office and packing up some books to mail out and letting the story start to settle in. I wrote about 700+ words the day before so when I sat down to write last night, I read back over the epilogue and the first bit of chapter one I had written. Then after making a few changes I went for it and started writing. Of course after I turned the video off, I went back and damn near changed everything I had written just a bit! This isn't out of the ordinary, especially when I'm first starting the book. You need to figure out how you want the story to start. Sometimes I get it on the first go round, other times I'm struggling with how to start the story. Most times though I will say (knock on wood) it usually just comes right to me and I take off writing.

Once I start writing though, I never go back and change anything. Okay that's a lie. By that I mean once it's going it is going....I write from beginning to end. I don't jump around in the story. It's not that I couldn't. I've written scenes before simply because they wouldn't get out of my head and I needed to get them down. But normally I'm a beginning to end kind of writer.

The only time....the ONLY time...I got back and re-read what I've written is if I've been out of the manuscript for a while. If I'm out of it for a few days I will of course go back and read the last few chapters I've written just so I can remember where I was in the story. Otherwise I don't do my read through until the manuscript is finished. But....more on that process later. We're just at the very beginning.

The breakdown of yesterday. I started with around 700 or so words. Honestly I forgot to write it down! LOL! I only sat down and worked for a total of an hour and a half last night. Once Darrin came home, I left my office. My manuscript says 2671 words have been written so far. So last night I wrote almost 2000 words. Not bad!

Today won't be a typical writing day either, since it is Saturday. Starting in the new year I'm going to try and set new goals, one of them is not working on the weekend or at the very least limited my social media in a big way. I'll blog about goals later next week!

Back to today....Saturday is the day I like to clean my house. The kind of clean where you clean the toilets and mop the floors. Cleaning relaxes me. Keeps me focused and it's something I honestly enjoy doing. My mother used to clean for a living. She did a lot of things work wise, but cleaning is what I remember most. In high school I would go with her because I used to feel so guilty she had to clean for money. I'm pretty sure that's why I like to clean...I grew up doing it! LOL!'ll see I have my squirrel moments y'all. What was I typing about? Oh yes....I'll clean, work, clean, work. That will be the pattern today. I've got to run to the post office this morning, then back home and do pretty much the same thing all day. Clean a bathroom...write some words. Clean the bedroom....schedule posts on social media or write....vacuum the floors.....write some....mop the floors....write. I think you get the picture!

Yesterday I took a video of me writing. It was 8 minutes long and man did I have some serious questions after I watched. The main was why do I move my mouth around so much??? And tilt my head? And do I really sit with such a terrible posture!!!!!????

Anyway, I condensed it because let's all be honest, no one wants to watch me sitting there typing.

Tomorrow I'm going to show you what a typical morning for me looks like! Until then....

Happy reading!


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