I've been finding lots of things to distract me from actually writing. I don't think I've sat down to write in at least five days. *shrugs* Sometimes the break is needed and clearly it was needed. I read a few books, cleaned my house and am now currently taking everything out of my bathroom cabinets and throwing things away! Yesterday I went through the linen closet and tossed a bunch of stuff. It felt good!

Today I'm going to get Divided Interest paperbacks out and ready to be shipped for release day. In-between the bathroom clean up that is. My office is a mess...yet again. I've been tossing things in there to get it out of my way in other rooms! LOL! A habit I need to break out of because this is no longer the garage! HA!

Starting tomorrow (Monday) I'm back at sitting at my desk and diving back into this story. It's not that I can't write....I simply didn't want to. It happens. When it does I don't stress about it. I take it as a sign my brain was telling me I needed to take a step back. So that's what I did! It's something I have learned to pay better attention to this last year. Listen to my body...it tells me when I need to chill out.

So, really nothing else to report other than my house is getting super clean and organized. That's a good thing right?



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