January 2 - Work Day?

Yesterday was my first official day back to writing in the new year. At least it was supposed to be. In my mind I had the perfect day planned. I woke up, did some mindfulness to help me stay focused. I fed all the animals, then fueled myself with a good healthy breakfast. Did I tell y'all I started WW? I was stalled with my weight loss so I thought I would try something new. Totally just had a squirrel moment there y'all....back to yesterday.

After I fed the animals I did some exercises. Now it was time to sit and get lost in the words. See! My first day (yes it was the second but January 1 doesn't count!) in the new year and I was KILLING IT!

Then Darrin called. Yesterday he was back at work as well and he had left a large order of cups he had made for a local coffee shop here at home. If you don't know, my hubby has started a side business doing laser engraving. So, any who...he asked me if I could bring him the order. He works an hour and a half away. Needless to say I brought them to him and there went a good chunk of my day. But it's okay...I was going to go back home and get after it.

Hello...your social media is calling to you. I got sucked in when I got home, but I quickly pulled myself out of it and opened up the manuscript for GOOD ENOUGH. I rewrote much of the first three chapters and I have to say I'm really happy with the changes. Now that the beginning of the story is flowing so much better, I can really dive into writing. After a few distractions I finished up with the rewrites like maybe 7:30 my time? I started the day off with my word count at 5294. I jumped onto my reader group on Facebook and did a quick video of my non-perfect day and thought I would be calling it a night since Darrin would be home soon. But, when he got home he needed to work on a design for someone so I kept plugging away in my manuscript. I ended the day with a word count of......


y'all...this makes me happy. I was on a roll. The words were coming. I didn't hit my goal of 5,000 words yesterday but I was close. 4739...I will take it.

Today is another day where I"ll be leaving the house. Ugh. When I leave y'all I can easily take 3 hours out of my day. Why you ask? I live so far out in the country and it takes me easily an hour or more to get into town. Today I have a hair appointment and as much as I thought about rescheduling, I decided not to. After I post this blog post I'm going to post one thing on social media and then jump into my manuscript and write for a bit before I have to leave to head into town. Then, hopefully I'll be back in the afternoon and can write some more. I have nothing else planned so I'm going to keep my goal for today at 5000 words. I think I can do it. No...no wait...I KNOW I can do it.

Making good habits isn't going to happen over night, I get that. And working from home can be such a huge distraction. I know I will find the balance though...it's written down in my goals book for this year and I know it will take time to find it. Right now though the focus needs to be on GOOD ENOUGH and getting it written and then sent to my agent.

So....let's write!



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