Morning! Day two!

So mornings at my house always start the same exact way. I get up. I feed all the animals. Four cats and two dogs, some days it's the birds and the wildlife. Then once they're all taken care of, it's my turn! On the days my husband works I usually find myself going straight to my office. In 2020 I'd like to change the way I approach my mornings. The goal is to start doing some self-care first thing in the morning (after everyone is fed cause you know they won't leave me in peace until their belly is all full). Once I take of me, then I'll head to my office. By self care I mean I want to focus more on doing some mindfulness activities, really before I even get out of bed, then some time to exercise. And devotional time. I have really slipped on my time with the big man upstairs. That is really up on my list of THINGS I HAVE TO GET BACK INTO for 2020.

Then....after the "me" time, I will go to my office.

The first thing I usually do is check my email, then messages on social media. Then I try to get caught up on social media posts and such. After all that is done, I'll get to writing. If I'm lucky. I will admit the social media pull happens on some days and before I know it a few hours has passed by. Don't even get me started on if I open up Pinterest. Lord help me. I love making story boards for my books though. I used to do it by series and I have started to do it by book. Maybe it's just an excuse to make more boards, who knows! Let's add less time on social media to our list of goals for next year shall we?

On the days my hubby doesn't work I find it a lot harder to get into writing. It's not his fault...well...most of the time it's not. I find myself pushing things off to spend time with him, which isn't a bad thing unless I'm on a deadline! He's pretty good though about when I say I have to go write, he tends to head off and do his own thing. Darrin's days off are pretty himself. He works full time and has started a side business doing laser engraving. He's really enjoying it and that makes me happy!

Okay, back to the mornings. So after I get all the social media stuff out of the way I will try and get some other back off things taken care of so that when I start to write I'm focused just on writing. Gus makes it difficult some days because he can get pretty needy. *rolls eyes* Seriously y'all....he is a very needy dog! He likes to go on strolls outside. About once an hour, maybe every two he will come and stand next to me and just bark. Over. And over. And over. Until I get up and take him out. My dogs don't like to be outside alone. You read that right...the little brats love to be outside, but only when mom and dad are out there with them. If I sit down on the bench, they will wonder and sniff, wonder and sniff. lay down and sunbath. But if I let them out and I stay inside, they are barking at the door to come back in. They bring me so much happiness and I will admit it forces me to take breaks to stand and move around so that is a good thing!

Today is Sunday. I've told myself in the new year Sundays I am taking off 100%. Not coming to my office for anything. Guess where I am right now....yep. My office. But in my defense I'm doing this for y'all....writing the blog post! Plus I've been talking to Lauren as she made her way to the airport. She's headed home today and I cannot wait to see her. Once she is safely on the plane and taking off I'm headed to the grocery store to buy stuff for holiday baking and Christmas lunch!

Tell do you spend your mornings? Comment below and I'll randomly pick someone to win a little something from me!

Happy Sunday y'all!



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