The Holidays

#FollowMyJourney day three.

The problem with starting a new book this close to a holiday is I'm most likely not going to be writing at all this week. Maybe if I can sneak some time away, but really this week is for family. Lauren flew in for Christmas and she is only here until Friday then she heads back to college. So my plan is to make the most of my time with her.

Christmas Eve is going to be spent baking! Lauren hasn't really shown an interest in baking since she was little so when she wanted to bake I jumped all over it. We are making homemade cherry pie, about four different types of cookies and cranberry sauce. I like to make mine the day before...I think it just makes it taste better cooking it the day before.

Let's get back to today. I didn't do any work, no writing, no nothing. That's a lie. I packed up a box for someone when I had a few extra minutes this morning. But no writing. So like I was saying up above, it's hard to start a book during a time like a holiday. I'm not deep within the book so I'm not very far into the story line, which is a good thing. If I'm a week or so out of the story it won't be a huge issue once I get back into writing. I'll need to re-read what I've already wrote. Who knows though...I may be able to sneak in some writing time. But considering it is currently two minutes after midnight and I'm writing yesterdays blog post now...I highly doubt I'll be getting in any writing.

Below are some pictures of just part of my day today with family! We had a blast and I love anything that gets family together for fun times! We laughed a lot today and it felt wonderful!

Until later y'all.....


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