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So I told y'all that I had sent part of the manuscript for Good Enough to my agent who forwarded it on to the publisher. She heard back and passed on the information. They need more sales data for Never Enough before they can start talking about picking up more in the series. Makes total sense right? Right! I totally get it, I do but at the same time I'm like ugh...we have to wait! LOL! I'm not good at waiting y'all. Most of you know this. If I have a secret it KILLS ME to keep it! LOL! But like I said, I totally understand their reasons. I honestly do. They want to revisit in three months. that seems like a long wait and my only fear with that is it is going to push book three out and the gap between book 2 and 3 will be longer. Ugh. I hate that for y'all. And for me. BUT...that is part of traditional publishing. They move slower than self publishing and I know that. Sometimes it is hard for me to take off my self pub hat and stay patient, but I can and I will. There is a reason for everything right? So there is a reason we will need to wait a bit. I need to remember this quote below. God is always working right? Even if we can't see it...he has a plan and I trust his plan!

I plan on there being four books in this series and I can't wait to finish book 3 and move onto book 4! I have fallen in love with this family in Montana! So that is what I'm going to do. I am going to keep plugging along with writing book three. I will deliver it to my agent once it is finished and then write my next book in the Southern Bride series. I was putting off my release schedule for this year since I wasn't sure when book three in the Meet Me in Montana series would be released but I'm going to go ahead and at least work my release schedule through fall. And I will most likely write a Christmas novella with characters from my Wanted and Broken series just as a fun side project. A little trip down memory lane! Not sure when it will release. Fall/early winter maybe?

Sooooo for now we are just moving ahead y'all and will wait a few months to learn the fate of Good Enough! LOL! Some of you have asked if the publisher doesn't pick it up what happens. I simply self publish it. I want to keep working with the publisher...I truly do, but don't stress...the book will come out! I'm so glad y'all are loving this new series so much! Book two is only a few months away! I hope you have marked your calendars for April 7!

Time for me to get some crap down y'all! I hope you are having an amazing start to your week! Oh's hump day isn't it? Okay well,

I hope your week has been going great!

Now I'm off to package up some paperbacks and then clean my office! It looks like a tornado ripped through here!



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