Writer Procrastination

So...this has been Darrin's short week for work. Meaning...he has had four days off and works three 12 hour day shifts. What does that mean? It means he has been home since Sunday and I have done okayish writing but not hitting my goals. This has been my word counts....

January 4th, wrote 5, 245 words. Goal met! YAY

January 5th, wrote nothing. I took the day off!

January 6th, wrote just over 1,000. FAIL! Oh man it was a fail day, but I had a good time hanging with Darrin.

January 7th, wrote 3, 558 words. Not bad, but I didn't make goal. I did however go and get my tires rotated and my oil changed. Y'all know what that is like. Even if you make an appointment you're there for two hours at least. So I'll count yesterday as a good day. I usually bring my typewriter and work but Darrin was with me so I didn't.

Today, January 8th....yeah today was let us see what we can do to procrastinate as much as possible writing.

And procrastinate I did. I turned my desk around so that I can now see out two windows. I needed it y'all...I'm a HUGE bird lover and last year for my birthday Darrin bought me a bird feeding station which I love! So he is moving it to this side of the house so I can see it. My office is now on the other side of the house and the bird feeding station is on the west side of the house. I need it moved so I can watch my little birds!

But, anywho I got off track....I totally reorganized my office. I didn't do it because I don't want to write. I'm loving GOOD ENOUGH, I think it's more because I feel "off". If that makes sense. I need things to be cleaned and organized or my mind wonders. There is one of the goals for 2020...FOCUS! I do feel more at ease with the office in a bit better shape. I still need to finish cleaning up and getting everything off my desk I piled on it when moving things around. I'll post a picture of what things are looking like so far!

Tomorrow...tomorrow is a new day and I WILL WRITE! Plus, Darrin will be back at work lol! And y'all, I really do need to write. I'm already behind on this book. I wanted to be a bit further along than I am. Tomorrow I will totally write all the words. All. The. Words.

Do you find yourself wondering off from your tasks you set for yourself that day? How do you pull yourself back into the moment and focus? I'm still figuring out what triggers these types of days for me. What makes me go on a crazy cleaning and organizing rampage when I have things to pack up and ship and words to write? As of right now...I have no idea but I'll figure it out! Hopefully soon cause I really do need to FOCUS on this book!

Until tomorrow y'all.



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