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2017/2018 Kelly Elliott

❤️🤠❤️March Wanted Series Boxes❤️🤠❤️


PLEASE PICK THE CORRECT SHIPPING at CHECK OUT. It will be the March Box. Pick US or International! If the correct shipping is not picked you will be refunded. 


Boxes go on sale today!!! Keep reading to find out when & where!


Please note these boxes are VERY LIMITED and once sold out they are gone!


Boxes will be placed on sale March 5th, at 4:00pm Eastern


Contents Include -


❤️All 9 books in the Wanted series personalized and signed


❤️Book Hangover Survival Kit - A survival Kit as you dive back into the emotional journey of the Wanted Gang


❤️Engraved Insulated Texas Coffee Tumbler - Tumble back into your favorite series in the heart of Mason


❤️Engraved Slate Coasters - Keep all the Wanted couples COASTER to you!


❤️Enamel Book Pin - A pin to show you are a bookworm lover!


❤️Infinity Necklace - A reminder to have faith in an infinite love.


❤️Cherish Charm - Something to remind you of a series you will always cherish!


❤️S'more Kit - A treat to make you fall S'more in love with Gunner and Ellie!


❤️Milkshake Bath Bomb - A forever love starts with a shared milkshake.


❤️Sugar Scrub - Get your very own sugar stamp from Gunner!


❤️Daisy Seed Pack - Daisy love me? Daisy not?


❤️To the Moon Decoration - A thank you from me for this amazing journey we've been on and a reminder that I love y'all to the moon and back!


❤️Heart Socks - Join Emma and Garrett at the sock hop!


❤️Angel Wing Key Chain - Because she was saved by the wings of love.


❤️Snowflake Charm - Believing that each love is as unique as a snowflake.


🤠Box price is $199 + 23.00 shipping for US Residents ONLY


🤠Box price is $199 + $110 international shipping and that was the lowest I could get y'all. I wish I could control the cost of shipping, but I cannot)


How each item relates to the series -


❤️Book Hanger Survival Kit - I've been told there is a lot of angst in the books! 😉


❤️Engraved Insulated Texas Coffee Tumbler - Represents the whole series with the heart placed where Mason is


❤️Engraved Slate Coasters - Shout out to the four main couples in the series


❤️Enamel Book Pin - Just cause I thought it was cute!


❤️Infinity Necklace - Reference to Faithful


❤️Cherish Charm - Reference to Cherished


❤️S'more Kit - Reference to Wanted


❤️Milkshake Bath Bomb - Reference to A Forever Love


❤️Sugar Scrub - Shout out to Gunner!


❤️Daisy Seed Pack - Reference to Wanted


❤️To the Moon Decoration - Reference to Cherished


❤️Heart Socks - Reference to A Forever Love


❤️Angel Wing Key Chain - Reference to Saved


❤️Snowflake Charm - Reference to Believe


Please note that the quilt is also a nod to the series but it is NOT included in the boxes! LOL!

March Wanted Series Box

  • PLEASE PICK THE CORRECT SHIPPING AT CHECK OUT! MARCH BOX US or INTERNATIONAL. If the correct shipping is not picked at check out refunds will be given. 

    No refunds given. Not responsible for lost or damaged items. All items will be shipped out within 30 business days.